WellisAir uses a new technology that removes polluting substances with structures similar to those of the Coronavirus COVID-19 thanks to hydroxyl radicals, with an efficiency of 99%.

The Wellisair device, designed in Barcelona by biomedical engineering doctor Pere Monagas, is already in widespread use in hospitals in China, Vietnam, Thailand and South Korea. It removes pollutants from air and surfaces, without any risk to human health. The Wellisair device allows disinfection against viruses such as COVID-19 with an efficiency close to 99%.


The device uses a new disruptive, innovative and patented technology that manages to generate and efficiently develop hydroxyl radicals (OH) which, by means of the Advanced Oxidation Process (POA), eliminate pathogenic microorganisms and organic compounds volatiles (VOCs). Hydroxyl radicals (OH) in sufficient concentrations perform biocidal functions in viruses, bacteria, allergens and molds, and break down organic compounds in the air into mineral forms or harmless organic compounds.
The OH radical is the most important natural oxidant in tropospheric chemistry. It is often referred to as a "detergent" in the atmosphere because it reacts with many pollutants, starting the cleaning process. Likewise, it plays an important role in the elimination of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and ozone.